Doug from Australia performs his amazing flight in Mig 29

Douglas Edwin Taylor
next to the legend-jet

Just before I left home for Russia one of your e-mails mentioned my upcoming holiday as “your amazing tour to Russia with an incredible MIG-29 ride”
I didn’t think much about it at the time but now that I have completed my holiday Amazing & Incredible are definitely the correct words to sum up my trip.

I would like to thank all very much for the efforts to make sure that everything was right & that I was happy throughout my holiday. Outstanding & much more than I expected
The tours & translations were of an excellent standard. The guides knowledge an patience with my not so fantastic Russian was a credit to them. It was a pleasure to spend time with these people.

You ask me what was the highlight of my trip? The MIG flight is definitely up there but I would have to say the people & the way I was treated by all involved in my holiday. Anastasia, Igor, Tatiana, Artyom, The other 2 drivers (Nizhny & Moscow ) & my guide for the tour of Moscow, Anatoly. All great people that I’m glad to have met!

The Museum of Cosmonautics was enlightening & very interesting. So glad I had the guided tour & interpreter, well worth it & recommended.
The Moscow city tour was great & opened my eyes to a lot of interesting history & people.

The MIG29 flight was exceptional & something I will never forget. Not only the flight itself which, granted, is a major part of the experience, but all the people involved. From the CEO of Sokol, the ground crew, my driver & of course Sergey a very professional & capable pilot, all great people.
The aerobatics still bring a smile to my face….(8.5 G’s….Love It!)

Nizhny is a beautiful city and thoroughly enjoyed the tour & walk around. A very interesting history & I would I like to revisit the City in the future .

All in all the entire trip was exceptional & pleasantly more than I expected. I left Moscow wanting to return again for another adventure & when I do I will be contacting “Space Tourism LTD”

Doug Taylor