Moscow night life! The best strip show! Elite Gentlemen’s Club!

Moscow night life! The exciting strip show!
Strip show
Night life in Moscow. Russian girls
Moscow strip club


Moscow night life!
The exciting strip show!

The price of the programm for 1 person is 175 Euro.

You've some trips in Russia and you want to have the most exciting, remembered, enjoyfull and unbelievable night in your life!

Here we can say – Welcome to Moscow! Because our Moscow night life is something you've never seen before! It's full of mystery, energy and luxury! You won't find anything similar in the world!

Moscow night life is unique and you'll never ever forget it! There are many gentlemen’s clubs in our capital where anything is possible. You'll plunge into the magnificent world full of temptation and passion! The wave of pleasure and desire will grasp you.

You have a chance to see all delights of night life in Moscow, to taste the excellent Russian cuisine and to see the most beautiful Russian girls in one place!

Our company has got an excellent and unique opportunity of providing the tour to the best Moscow strip club for you! Open a door — and you find yourself in a fairy tale for the whole evening and everything is fantastic around you. You rush with a head into a kaleidoscope of reckless entertainments and laughter! You choose naughty Russian beauties!

All of these you can find in elite Gentlemen's Club.
here we would offer special art of dance! Do you know what does “burla” mean? Do you really think you know the meaning in all it’s aspects?
Most people suppose that’s a striptease but it’s more than undressing only – it’s an art of temptation!
This kind of art originates from French cabaret in the beginnings of 20 centuries. Since than it becomes more and more perfected, recognized, and... frank!
It is a mixture of music and comedy, which creates an atmosphere of joy and pleasure.
We know how you like to party, and we’ll make your trip the one you will never forget. You know it’s sometimes difficult to get into a good Moscow strip club without staying in lines, talking to rude door guys, passing face control and paying a lot of money. But only with us you can overcome all these negative moments and you'll be treated like a VIP!

Gentlemen’s Club we offer you is one of the best places for pure joy. Here you can taste exquisite dishes and desserts not only of European but also Russian cuisine and order different soft and strong drinks. In such relaxing atmosphere among sweetie Russian girls you will forget all your cares and melancholy. You'll pleasant to find yourself among all these dimples and legs, brilliant clothes and corsets, music and laughter...
In addition to all these magnificent things you’ll enjoy absolutely especial striptease shows, which involve a slow, sensuous undressing.
In this elite Gentlemen’s Club dance the most beautiful Russian girls and you’ll leave all your thoughts and worries behind. Because striptease is an art of seduction when by means of movements, gestures, mimicry and sight feelings are bared.
It'll be one of your best nights in Russia! You'll plunge careless into exciting atmosphere of a holiday, music and naughty beauty in one of the best Moscow strip clubs!

According to your wish we can provide you our transport with services of our driver.


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